AC/DC Changeover Switch

During AC 25KV and DC 1500V operation, Switch supplies the power to vehicle by switching AC/DC.
Basic specification
Type KSH 1400 FSH 17A
Rated voltage AC 25000V / DC1500V AC 23kV / DC1500V
Main circuit current 100A / 800A AC 600A / DC 3000A
Rated short-time current AC 4,400V 2sec. -
DC 1,300A 2min. -
Control circuit voltage DC 100V DC 100V
Rated pneumatic 5kg/cm2 6.3kg/cm2
Auxililary contact point 3a3b(basic) 2a2b
Applied performances
  • Korea Railroad Corp., Seoul Metro, JR Japan
1.AC_DC Changeover Switch