Platform Screen Door

PSD (Platform Screen Door) is installed on the platform to block platform and railway for safety of passengers. It is open/close in the interlocking with entrance door in case of alight and takeoff. At other times it is kept closed.
  • 1. Door open/close
  • 2. Door reopen/re-close
  • 3. Mechanical lock by means of electronic lock (solenoid)
  • 4. Barrier sensor (detection device)
  • 5. Correction of origin point
Applied performances
  • Busan Metropolitan Rapid Transit line 3, Dubai Monorail
[PSD System]
  • General control unit
  • Elevator control unit
  • PSD monitoring unit
  • Driver operation unit
[PSD Unit]
  • Operation unit
  • Operation door
  • Fixed door
  • Emergency door
Item Specification
Opening Left/Right Slide
Width of Opening 1800mm (center open)
Operation Method Motor (motor + belt drive)
Control Method DC Motor Control
Open/Close Time 3sec. ±0.5sec.
Power AC200V±10%, AC100V±10%
Control Power 24V±5%, 12V±5%, 5V±5%
Min. Operation Power Less than 10Kgf (in case of black out)