Since its establishment of annex R&D Center in 2006, we have improved our competitiveness on technology through continuous education and R&D, and we have supplied domestic urban rail, high speed train, EMU and LRT equipments as of being a manufacturer of rolling stock on-board equipments.
We not only localize various electric products, but also we develope our own products which fit much better on domestic market with continuous R&D.
We also manufacture Track and Platform facilities such as PSD and Power Rail. We manufacture safer more efficient products with refurbishing conventional products.
We have been acknowledged and grown as a rolling stock equipment manufacturing company with the goal of supplying total solutions for on-board equipments and station facilities on both domestic and international market.

R&D Division 1
  • Rolling Stock Equipments
  • Contactors, Circuit Breakers, Relays
  • Master Controllers, Brake Controllers
  • Electric Connection System
  • Power Type Resistors
  • Current Collecting Equipments
R&D Division 2
  • Track and Platform Facilities
  • Power Rail
  • Guide Rail
  • PSD(Platform Screen Door)
  • Electric Door Engine
R&D Planning Division
  • Prosecute new R&D field and prepare business proposals
  • New Projects, plan element technology, manage development schedule
  • Design drawing standardization and data management
  • Plan/hold R&D center seminars and workshops
  • Protect intellectual properties